Great Expectations

A year and a half ago we started Qhuba,  a – at least initially – fast-growing networking organisation influenced by the ideas of Business Technology Management, with a unique combination of capacities in the fields of Management, Technology, HR and Finance.

Qhuba means “Drive”, and aims to help make business and technology become one.

In the early days of our existence we are faced with economic circumstances that we did not hold for possible a year or two ago, just before venturing into this enterprise. Still we cannot complain, and are still growing, although at a slower pace. There is a lot to be done out there, and brainpower, which is what we provide, is needed more than ever. 

Today we were reaffirmed in our conviction that we are on the right track, by the news that in the very last minute we were admitted in the RFI process of a large international manufacturer looking to outsourcing the desktop environment. What they want from Qhuba is to present the €500 desktop. Smart innovative solutions that will save our clients a lot of money without decreasing their capacity to do their business.

The same solution is ideal for the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch Government and the whole Dutch Public Sector, too. Forty seven public entities have agreed to increase openness of standards, transparency, interoperability and digital sustainability (whatever that is), and the decrease vendor lock-in. Even though there is a “comply or explain” principle in place, nothing much happened, except for the appointment of an ambassador for the “Actieplan Nederland Open in Verbinding” . Maybe now the time is right to take a few bold steps, and save some money while doing it. Qhuba will gladly take the role of Orchestrator in the middle. If the Government does not know what is possible, and if the providers don’t want to do what is possible, someone needs to be the knowledge broker.


Qhuba: Best People,  Lean Organisation,  Results.

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