How to build a company

It has been four years since we first developed a plan to start Qhuba. The purpose was to bring together a group of professionals that we trust and respect, with undisputed backgrounds and a drive to do relevant assignments in a network of peers that they can rely on, learn from, and help become successful. We would share intelligence, knowledge, leads and opportunities. We would facilitate this tribe with marketing-, financial and other services.

A shared professionalism, pragmatism, drive, interest, ambition and trust would bind us together, and we would look for the same in the clients, candidates, partners.
The whole idea: it does not make a big difference to us if someone we talk to, who has these characteristics becomes a Client, a Candidate for a permanent role at a client, an Employee in our company, or an Associate, Partner of Shareholder in our company. The role is dependent on the ambition, timing, horizon (short term or longer term) appetite for risk, and many other factors. The person is the same, regardless of the role.

We have thought about ‘the why’, we have made plans, we have started and in many respects we have succeeded. Qhuba has grown, made a name and attracted some fifty fully committed resources. We have a network of thousands, done many projects, placed people in several companies, doubled revenu year after year.
Many other things went not as expected, or even went wrong. We have lost some people, and some clients. We had to fire some people and fight with some suppliers.
We have thought about strategy, network, knowledge, research, about marketing and overhead, about portolio, sales, delivery. We have read many books, visited seminars, invited speakers, trainers, journalists. We have written blogs, articles, websites, leaflets.

All in all, we have learned. We have been surprised.
We are convinced we will learn a lot more, find many more pleasant and sometimes unpleasant surprises, and we will thrive. If this means we will be successful and build a large and valuable company? Probably, but certainly we will have a lot of fun discovering and we will make a lot of new friends (and hopefully very few enemies) as we go along.

In this blog I will try to share as much as possible of our experiences and friendships, thoughts and doubts, successes and failures. If we succeed this will be your guide on How to build a successful company, and enjoy every step. If not: well, you will have learned as much as we have (or more), and do it better.

2 Responses to How to build a company

  1. Michiel ten Kate says:

    Leuke eerste blogpost Wouter!


    • Dank je Michiel. Misschien kun je zelf ook – op jouw vakgebied – wat publiceren over je ervaringen in een serie artikelen of een blog. Ik lees het graag, en zet het graag op de site.

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