Management Charter

In a growing company like ours, once you have passed the start-up and discovery stage where you operate like a Band of Brothers, and you embark on the Long March to Execution, Growth and Success, there is an increasing demand for clarity. Not only on Goals, Strategy and Successfactors, but also on how you want to operate, how you want to lead, how you want to make decisions and on what is desirable or destructive behavior. In Qhuba I have shared my first thoughts on this in a Management Charter, which I have summarized below:

Qhuba Management Charter:

  1. Qhuba Shareholder meeting decides who will be P&L responsible (Director) for what. Main areas: Leadership, Development, Operations, and Practices with Qhuba majority participation. Division of roles of individual Shareholders with a Managementfee will also be at discretion of Shareholder Meeting.
  2. Directors decide who report to them, what responsibility can be taken and what reward is fitting. In case of shares/options as part of the package the Shareholder meeting will need to agree. In all other cases: responsible Director decides
  3. MT aligns all plans, goals and BSC targets and assigns budgets. In case of doubt: Accountable (Director Operations) decides.
  4. All decision are made by the person responsible, within budgets and BSC, after collecting relevant information. („thanks for the input; I will let you know what my decision is”)
  5. Meetings: there will be:
  • Regular Shareholder Meetings (once or twice per year)
  • Regular MT Meetings (weekly): with people invited because of their day-2-day All-Qhuba operational responsibilities. General Director schedules and invites.
  • Regular Operations Meetings (Monthly): with the MT members, and the Profit and Loss responsible (Practice) Directors, like the PPM Practice, the Executive Search Practice and the Market-focussed Practices. General Director schedules and invites
  • Regular Leadership Meetings (Quarterly): with Operations Meeting attendants and Qhuba Partners.Regularly All Hands Meeting (Once or twice per year): with all Qhubans. Open book approach on Performance, Plans, Questions and Answers.



  • Responsible people can and should ask for input (Information), Advice (Consult) or Support (“Can you help me with…”)
  • Others can and should provide Information (“Did you know that…?”)
  • Others can and should ask Questions (“Have you considered…?”)
  • Others can and should offer Support (“How can I help you…?”)
  • Once decisions are taken by the person responsible (“Thanks for your input, I will let you know what I have decided…”), they will be communicated to those involved, but preferably to all Qhubans
  • We are reluctant with opinions about those decisions

Behavior (For us and for all):

  1. We do not talk about the behavior of people who are not present. We talk to them directly, and tell others to do so. About individuals’ performance: either offer help, or talk (only) to the responsible person he or she reports to.
  2. If someone does not have a full-time commitment, no exclusivity, no Pride of Association? Then (s)he is no Qhuban, and needs to go (or maybe go to Q-Start as a candidate).
  3. Brilliant jerks? Capable professionals with Lack of trust, Arrogance, Aggression and other destructive behavior? Confront them first, then give them one warning to change behavior, then get rid of them.
  4. Meetings and presentations are to understand other peoples’ ideas, issues, proposals, presentations. Listen and ask questions to understand. Support is constructive. Criticism and judgement is usually destructive.
  5. Financial demands, or allocation blackmail? Explain once, then tell them there is no room for individual arrangements.

One Response to Management Charter

  1. runycalmera says:

    great that you as a leader has thought about this charter and even better that you are so open to communicate your expectations like this. It is clear how you want your organisation to perform. Thanks for sharing.

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